Monday, May 18, 2009

Never Enough Time, So Much to Do

We went to a nice party yesterday, and I'm proud of our kids, they were so well behaved. Everyone there commented on how well they entertain themselves and it makes us glow with pride. Truth is, they are well behaved, but they also have each other to play with and that makes it easier.

I am setting the unrealistic goal of getting a lot done before this month is over, and it's already almost over. I want to get the curricula done and submit it to the state, finish working on the website, continue blogging, and do all the stuff around the house all summer long. It doesn't sound like much but I sure feel overwhelmed. It's that darn curricula that's eating away at me. Have to sit down and just do it.

The party yesterday was nice, got to see all of our work buddies at DHMC, some of whom I don't get to see much because I work odd hours. The food, of course, was amazing, and we chowed on killer Indian food and got to meet D's hubby, a nice guy, though an old school physician who loves to talk shop. Even though we really enjoyed the party, it took a lot of time out of our day, and all the things we wanted to do were put on the backburner. Had to return books to the library and almost got busted by you know who, but managed to squeak by. Close call if there ever was one, but thankfully the librarians were understanding and helped me out.

I did manage to score the next disc in the History of Britain, and I must confess to loving this DVD. I love European History, and something about British history in particular I find fascinating, though now that we are in the 18th c, I find it not as intriguing. The Middle Ages and prior to that were such an interesting, albeit dark, time in the world. I've learned a lot about the long line of England's kings, as well. Not sure if the kids would like it, but a great lesson in history.

We went to contradance last Friday, even though we didn't want to. The kids love it, it's fun, but the crowd was thin, and somewhat depressing. In fact, when we got there, which was later than usual, there was nobody there and I actually went in first to make sure we had come on the right day. There was May Fair at Waldorf and I'm guessing a lot of the regulars were too tired to make it. The faithful did arrive, however, and A&N had fun. In fact, N danced a whole dance on his own two feet, and it was a blast. Usually I hold him and dance with R, but this time he did it on his own and it was fabulous. Also wanted to say that AB is a nice kid, showing surprising maturity around the smaller kids. I always pegged him for an out of control ADD type, and I know all boys have some of this, but he pleasantly surprised me. It was nice.

A had a blast, and we were lucky to see the H's there. CH and A danced a lot, and R and I conferred with CH and her mom about the fact that they danced together and it was too cute for words. Nice vibes going on there, they really jive and I think operate at around the same speed.

And though it was a little slow, that simply meant more food for me to eat. In fact, the salad was killer, and I ate three bowls, not including the leftovers from the kids. Throw in some killer bread and life is good.

We are in the process of losing touch with CB, and I'm beginning to wonder if something is in the works, either with her or the folks. No phone calls, and no sightings. It's possible it's because everyone is too busy, but I'm wondering if we're in the process of moving on, as are they. Not sure what to make of it and I've read way more into it into the past, but the lack of contact is telling. We shall see, but might this be the beginning of the end? It'll be interesting when school is out and Summer kicks in, though it does make me feel a little sad.

Otherwise, things are good. A wanted to make a drastic change and cut off all her hair. She was very resolute about it, and my first impulse was to discourage her because I love her hair, it's so beautiful, but she had decided and I encouraged her to go with her gut feeling. For the record, I did not display even the slight inkling of disagreeing with her. Mom cut her hair this weekend and it looks fantastic. A shorter bob really suits her, and it's so cute. Adorable, I must say, and so much easier to handle. She's very happy with it and we all love it.

Also, we've been dabbling more in guitar. N is done with it for now, but A is digging it. We have moved onto standard tuning, no more open G for now, and it's great. Need to practice, and she's aware of that, but is also willing to do it because she's interested. We're glad for that.

Lots to do this week. Have horses today, then t-ball tomorrow. Not easy being a coach, though we had our chance at glory last Thu when Coach Roy was away. We were going to be stand-in coaches, but wouldn't you know it? A storm rolled in and practice was canceled. Go figure.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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I've been busy too, but wanted to touch base and wow! i love the new look blog!

Great to hear you are doing fine.