Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Newest Fantasy

So I have a new fantasy, and believe it or not, it involves school. I'd like to find the school or our dreams where our kids could be themselves, thrive socially without judgement surrounded by good kids who share in their interests, and excel in academics that are fitting to their abilities. A lot to ask, I know.

But the dream doesn't end there. I'd like to work at the school in some official capacity, teaching if necessary (though I don't have the credentials) but more realistically working around the campus, either as a handyman or a janitor or a cook. How cool would that be? Ideally, we'd get to school in the AM, the kids would head off to class and I'd go to the kitchen and make bread and a hot lunch and/or breakfast, then the kids would eat and I'd head to the yard to split wood for the furnace, cut the grass, shovel snow, or do routine maintenance, even clean bathrooms or mop floors. Then, when school was out, I'd take the kids home. Perfect.

And then there's more. It probably wouldn't be working the entire time, so I'd have time to sit somewhere quiet and write. Somewhere is a high speed connection so I could plug in and do my blogging/freelance, or write my novel (yeah, right), or memoir or screenplay, or for that matter, play. What a great setup, getting it done on a practical and spiritual level. You can't ask for anything more.

Have to work on that one.

Oh yeah, there's one final piece to the fantasy-there would several kids in our town going to the school, and we would carpool. I'd even be the one to take them all to school since I'm going there, anyway.

Hey, you just never know. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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