Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Revisiting Waldorf, Horses, and Homeward Bound

With Spring in full swing, the list of things that needs to be done around the house is extensive, and it keeps growing. I had planned on tuning up our lawnmower and wanted to run out the gas but ended up just cutting the entire lawn. It was frustrating and a relief at the same time, and I will say this-the weather has been stellar. Cool, breezy, and sunny with patches of puffy clouds. Just perfect, postcard perfect, in fact. The yard is looking beautiful, and things are cruising along.

Finally heard from CB after a long hiatus. Not sure what to make of all that, it's feast of famine and it wouldn't be such a big deal if not for the fact that our kids love her. There needs to be more balance in that whole arena, but we'll see where that goes.

A had a great day riding horses yesterday, it really suits her. The girl H is really nice and they get along well. I initially had the moronic notion of changing her time so that she might get more riding in because I learned that she will be in a group of four girls. I figured since we homeschool we could fill any time slot as opposed to the after school gig, and if she were alone she could get more riding time. BUT, she loves her time slot, H is a sweet kid, and she gets to ride with the bigger kids who help and guide them. It works out well, she gets to ride a lot, and gets to jive with the heavy hitters. I'm glad I didn't do the stupid thing and act on my impulses.

We saw BB and J of R&J fame, with kids in tow. Nice seeing them, they had come to see the foal and inquire about riding for I. I still think I and A are a good match in terms of how their brains work, though I is a sophisticated and hip kid, maybe not as dreamy as A. Even still, they can relate and I is always nice to A. She's also older and very smart!

We pick up H at school and take her riding. It helps out H's mom, S, a lot, and the kids get to hang out with some new faces, and we get to spend some time at our old haunt, the glorious Waldorf school, where I always feel like a persona non grata. My own impression, mind you, because people there are very nice, but it all has such a clubby feel, not unlike being at a church where everyone walks the walk. It's supposed to be this idyllic world where everyone is happy and gay but in fact there are heavy undercurrents of angst and dissent once you scratch below the surface. In all fairness, that's the state of the world, and the reality is people are people no matter where you go, or what type of hippy dress you put them in.

Life at home has been nice, there are a lot of projects and it's fun working on them. AND, the weather has been great. R has gotten the garden up and running, and the kids enjoy helping them out. Each year we learn a little more. I'm busy doing home improvement, the wood pile has been cut (7 cords) and now needs to be split, N is enjoying T-ball, though I've been cajoled into coaching, and A is enjoying guitar.

I do feel a little overwhelmed as I seek out paid writing gigs. RR has said he wants to move forward on the website, he's holding up his own end, and I need to hold up mine. So little time, however.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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