Monday, January 4, 2010

Better Than TV

Boy, not to solidify my place in the sissy-man hall of fame, but I'm pretty stoked about getting a sewing machine for Christmas. Thanks much to my in-laws. Now I've never used a sewing machine, but I've also thought they'd be useful for making things with the kids, not to mention assorted things around the house, though I'd never admit this to my Mentor. He'd slap me upside the head. For the record, I used to sew patches on my jeans by hand, and it took hours.

Either way, we received one for Christmas, and the kids were nudging us incessantly to open it up, especially N. He loves machines, it's in his blood. So we took it out and we were all taken in by the things it could do. In fact, we could have spent all night, if not all week, fiddling around with the thing. Who needs a TV? It's a beautiful and sophisticated machine, complete with cool sounds and lights, and you can do all sorts of things, even make lattes. The selection of stitches alone was worth the price of admission. We literally had to pry the kids away from it because it was getting late, but needless to say, it's going to be a lot of fun.

Having no experience with them, however, I found it a bit overwhelming. R put me, of all people, in charge of setting it up, and I got completely lost in all the jargon. What exactly is a "bobbin?" Personally, I was ready to let the kids take over and go for broke, but R stepped in and saved the day. She understood all the lingo, and you could tell it was a piece of cake for her. She breezed right through all the directions.

So now we can sew. I think curtains and doilies are in our future. To placate my Mentor, I'll use it to do manly things, like repair the holes my chainsaw made in my pants, or put some elastic in my karate gi after I've just applied the "vice-grip of death" to my adversary. Better yet, do it while I'm applying the vice grip of death. That would surely win me some points.

We're excited to get started, I just have to figure out what is what. This could be a challenge. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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