Thursday, January 14, 2010

Drama in our Lives, Literally and Figuratively

We had enrolled A in an acting class over in WRJ, because it just seemed like a good fit. Lots of dramatic energy that could be channeled in a positive way. We didn't want N to feel left out, so we asked him if he'd be interested, as well, and of course he said yes. He likes to do anything his big sister is doing. We had our reservations, because he's not as keen on the spotlight as A, but we went for it.

We had out first class last week, and N and A both loved it. I'm guessing it's a lot of fun, they probably get to be silly, though I'm wary of the fact that no parents are allowed to watch. I don't really know what they do.

Either way, it's a chance for both kids to let loose, and they are both enjoying it. Go figure.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

Bothhad theater class, loved it, kids her age
N loved it, not sure if he would

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