Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pottery Playdate

We've been running around like crazy lately. I had a sense things would pick up in the new year, but not like this. Both R and I are a little concerned that too many things are going on, and something's gotta give. Unfortunately, that might have to be our beloved skiing, but we'll see. We just need some down time, which isn't easy to find.

We had our first pottery playdate, and it was fun, if not a little interesting. We originally had the idea of getting the kids together to do something fun and creative, while the dads, who are both SAHDs and homeschoolers, could chat and share war stories. We've been down this road in the past, have we not? We'd agreed on every other Monday at the pottery studio, and BL was kind enough to provide us with loads of clay to mold to our heart's content. It was really nice and thoughtful of her. Then again, they are her grandchildren.

I, of all people, even got into the act. I made a few tiny sculptures while K and I chatted about life and parenting. It was a nice mellow day, and you can see the artist in K going to work, making cool and ambitious things. I also finally remember where I recognize the guy. From ice skating at the Arena. You tend to remember the people who are good skaters, especially the men, because when you see them on the ice, your first inclination is to one-up them. Isn't it crazy how you can read men like a book? Either way, I remember K because he's a good skater and left me in his wake.

The kids had fun doing clay, though there wasn't a huge amount of interaction on their part. They quietly made their creations while I tried to initiate conversation between the two. They're super nice boys, A&D. A little on the shy side, but very polite and always courteous when I asked them questions, i.e., they replied. A&N were a little on the coy side, as well, but they all had fun making things.

We had a quick snack afterwards. I was going to pick up muffins, but Stella's is closed on Mondays. I was going to bake cookies or something of that nature, but didn't get around to it. What I ended up doing was making, of all things, a frittata, because I had an surplus of eggs. I've found a new egg source, but more on that later. The dish didn't go over so well with the twins, but we managed to graze a little. We left the rest for BL.

In the end, we had a lot of fun, and I actually enjoyed getting my hands dirty, though K and both share in a little OCD about having dirty hands. Nice to commiserate with a brother in arms, or in this case, hands. We stayed till about noon, then back home to get ready for our drama class that night.

More on this later. Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to cristian popescu for the pic.

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