Monday, January 25, 2010

The Slopes and Embarassing Dads

It's interesting to me how the kids grow up and the girls and boys tend to gravitate to each other. As they get older, I seem to be doing more with N and A wants to hang out more with mom. It's cute, they get to have "girl" time, and me and N get to be real men. At least he does, I just follow in his footsteps.

This past weekend, N and I were itching to go skiing, but A was not feeling well. So, she asked to hang with mom, and they hit the big city while N and I hit the slopes. It was nice, though we missed having her there, and she missed out on a day of skiing. I'm glad the girls can hang and have fun, however, and we managed to have fun at the hill.

One thing I found annoying and little embarrassing (why do I let these things get to me) are the dads trying to be hip with their kids. Give it a rest, will you? There were some boys snowboarding with their dad on the hill, and that's cool in my book, but later on they were in the lodge and I heard the dad talking, and it really struck me how hard he was trying to be cool and hip. In the typical suburban dad approach, he was trying way too hard. They were watching the X-games (incredible stuff, BTW), and the dad was yelling for his sons to see some snowboarder performing, and the dad kept saying, "Oh man, he is so sick. Isn't he sick? He is so sick."

I wanted to slap him and tell him to act his age, but to each his own. Besides, who the heck am I to judge him? Oh well, I can't help being a prig.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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