Saturday, January 23, 2010

No Skiing

We had a couple of days of glorious snow over the past week or so, and I was licking my chops to hit the slopes. The kids were excited, too, and I had it all figured out. On Thursday I had my web seminar in the afternoon, which meant that we could go ski the Dartmouth Ski Hill mid-day (and get half day rates), then go to the library, meet R, go the meeting, and then have dinner in the big city. Perfect. Except that we got sick with some stomach bug, nothing severe, just a little tummy ache, but enough to make us feel yucky and not want to eat. So we bagged the skiing, bagged dinner, and went home early.

Our next plan was to go to guitar on Friday near noon, have lunch with KR, then head over the to the Quechee Ski Hill and hit the slopes. KR even mentioned going too. But we woke up Friday still not feeling so great, so we canceled guitar and we ended up hanging out at home. Denied, once again. It was actually nice because we've had a busy week, every week is a busy week, and I have to confess, it would have been a bit of a stretch to put two days of skiing in a row, but oh what fun it would have been.

Instead, we rested up and got things done around the house. We ended up baking cookies, bread, and making pizza for dinner, using our glorious pizza stone, of course. I love that thing. Also managed to do real-man's work like split wood and build things, more on that later.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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