Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Momentous Day, Celebrity, and Car Drama

We had a couple of big moments with the kids yesterday, and needless to say, everyone is excited. I won't go into N's big moment, I'll keep it a bit of a secret so that he himself can share it with the important people in our lives, but suffice it to say, he was so excited, as were we. The big event had building up over the past few weeks, and it then it arrived. In an example of what a great big sister he has, A was so excited herself that in anticipation of the big day, she went out and, with her own money and initiative, bought him a special present to commemorate the day. I hope our kids realize how lucky they are to have such awesome siblings..

A had a big day, as well, along with a moment of celebrity. She has been rehearsing tirelessly for her big show, which is tonight, and the newspaper came to report on it. They graced the cover of their Entertainment section with her pic, and we were all so excited. How fun is that? Of course, I went out and bought multiple copies.

Mom and Dad had a bit of drama throughout the day, actually. In the morning, JH came over and we did real-man work on the barn, installing more windows, and then I had to set about making more fillings for the dumplings. We realize we have to ramp up production, which will have to occur each week. We also need more raw ingredients, and may end up setting up standing orders with various suppliers. Listen to me, Rachel Ray in the making.

It's difficult, not to mention costly, to use as many local and organic ingredients as we can, but the whole point of this endeavor is to take part in something you believe in. Sure, making money is necessary for the viability of the project, but money cannot be the sole focus (maybe in the top 5 goals). At least for now, I've come to realize that the most important thing is doing something that has meaning to you and you can be proud of. Then again, talk to me in a few weeks.

Anyways, I digress. Since we plowed through our supply of dumplings, it meant we had to make more, and quickly. We had the local market on Friday evening, coupled with the show, which overlapped with the market. We were going to have to go to the market, break down early so that we could get to the show, then do the show until late that evening. It was going to be tight, and not only would we have been tired, but we would have been covered in grease. In light of this, we had to make an executive decision and bail out on the Friday market. It was just too much. We feel bad, we could have done it, but it would have been stressful and made it not-fun. Can't go there.

To add to this drama, our car got booted at DHMC. We had to take the kids to t-ball, and the plan was for R to arrive and take A to rehearsal, where we would meet them. She was late, and I was preparing to bug out and take her myself, when R showed up with not a moment to spare. She mentioned the car had got booted, then took A to the show. Too many parking tickets. The parking situation at DHMC has been crazy, and they give warning tickets to people who park on the grass. Everyone does it, but they have been cracking down. They boot repeat offenders, and the next time will result in a tow. The tickets and boot are no cost, but a tow will run you upwards of $150. Yikes.

So, after t-ball, we all went back to DHMC and had the boot taken off, and then we went to the Coop to get more supplies, and then back to town to watch the end of rehearsal. It was nearly 10PM when we got home. Talk about endurance, I'm not sure how much more of this I can take. Then again, it's like parenting, you just do it.

Whatever be the case, the fun never seems to stop around here. Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Kriss Szkurlatowski, Svilen Milev, and clix for the pics.

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