Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Grateful Dumpling Setting New Standards

Well, for all it's worth, the Grateful Dumpling set a new sales record this past local market, which appears to be growing (the market) each week. Of course, the day started out with many difficulties, as usual. We just can't get it together in a prompt and orderly manner, or rather, I can't do it. I am always scrambling at the last minute, and it drives everyone crazy.

What makes the day truly challenging is cooking the dumplings that morning (it takes all day) and then bringing them to the market. It takes the entire day, and it is not fun and relaxing, especially in light of the fact that if I leave a mess in the kitchen, then there will be hell to pay. Then we have to pack up the car, set up, and do our thing. If we could be more organized and somehow streamline our operation, things might go more smoothly, but that may be out of the realm of possibilities.

Anyway, we always seem to begin the market with a less than ideal disposition, grouchy, stressed and snapping at one another, but once the market gets doing, you really don't have time for such self-indulgent behavior. This is a bummer, because sometimes you just can't beat solipsism for a good time.

The market started out slowly, as usual, but there were some new faces as the market grows. In fact, there were even vendors I didn't recognize, though or friend WM showed up and wowed the crowds with his beautiful displays. He really does a nice job.

The band that played was amazing, one of my favorites thus far. They were Second Wind, and they consisted of just a guy on guitar and a woman on vocals, but boy were they good. Her voice was amazing, and they played some great music. Everyone really enjoyed them, and the crowd responded.

The kids were a little bored at first, but then their friends A&I showed up, and then they were off running around and playing, so they enjoyed that. We sold well, even though the weather was supposed to be poor. It turned out nicely, cool and breezy, so the crowds enjoyed themselves. What works nicely is that the library shows movies right after the market, so people come to eat and hang out, then go enjoy a little cinema verite. You can't beat that.

We also set a new sales record, which is nice, but boy are we working hard. Still not sure if this is worth it, but talk to me in the Fall. Every day I tell myself I can't do this anymore, but I used to (and still do) always say that about being a parent. You just reach deep and find a way.

Go figure.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Christian Ferrari for the pic.

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