Sunday, July 18, 2010

Suffering From Own Capitalist Greed

We are still recovering from the consequences of biting off more than we could chew, stemming, of course, from what I can only describe as being greedy.

We agreed to sell our dumplings at a concert two weekends ago, and the only reason we did it is because we thought it might be a good opportunity to make some extra money. The problem is, we didn't consider the fact that we were already stretched thin, and adding another event, which would require making more dumplings, would have really pushed us to the edge.

We'd spent all day Friday preparing for the local market, then we spent all day Saturday preparing for this concert. At some point we really wanted to just tell them we couldn't do it, but we committed way back when, and to back out would have left them the organizers in a bind, not that they were so on top of things in the first place.

Preparing for the show wasn't so bad, it was the after effects that really got to me. Because we had to prepare/cook/clean for Saturday, it left us in a deficit for the big city market, which meant preparing dumplings on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. The ripple effect continued after the big city market because then we had to prepare for the local market on Friday. The end result was that we were making dumpling non-stop, and it was brutal.

Doing the show was a big mistake, and reminded us that we have to keep things in perspective and remember why we are doing this. Not to make huge amounts of money, which is pretty much impossible, anyway, but to make some dough and have some adventure and then eventually take a trip.

BUT, when it starts to take over your life, then you really have to take a step back and ask the big questions. I know I did.

One bright note was that the kids were able to hang with A&IH most of the day and into the evening, so they weren't subjected to the grind of the capitalist machine.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Shaun W for the pic.

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