Saturday, January 28, 2017

Falling Down

A few weeks (or was it months?) we were skiing the first day on the hill and the conditions were less than ideal. In fact, they were pretty poor, but it was a chance to do some early season skiing, and who were we to pass up this chance? It was actually around Christmas, now that I think about it, because it was through the Inn and we got to eat killer lodge food that was free. What a glorious day.

Either way, as I mentioned, the conditions were a little dicey, and I ended up eating it pretty badly. I'm usually in control but this time my skis went flying off in two different directions and before I knew it I was hurling backwards into the icy snow. I lost my skis and slammed the ice hard. It was reminiscent of when I fell on the ice at the Skiway, when my head slammed the ice; I fully expected to pass out but didn't. I sort of thought I'd pass out this time, but again, it didn't happen, much to my relief. I did, however, notice that my neck and shoulder were killing me, and I mean really killing me. I got to my feet and crawled back to the lodge and assess myself. The conclusion I came to: pain, and lots of it. I was really bummed because I am trying to heal my neck and shoulder and as you can imagine crashing on the ski hill didn't help. I actually thought I was back to ground zero on my recovery.

I ended up skiing for the rest of the day but it wasn't an entirely pleasant experience. N teased me on the ski lift by saying, "Nice job getting better." Thanks a lot. Kids sure are a good place to go and get abused. Now here I am about a month after the fact and the surprisingly the pain isn't too bad. My body still feels like it's falling apart, but that could just be an age thing. I was advised to give up hockey for a couple of weeks and this sort of happened with the holidays and vacation, but I don't think that's the source of the problem. I've yet to go to a chiropractor, with apologies to me Mentor but I'm sure he's not surprised.

For now I'll just keep plugging along. Just to add to the fun, I may have found a way to play even more hockey, but more on this later.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to August Allen for the pic.

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