Saturday, January 28, 2017

Feeling the Heat

Over two weeks without FB, I think I'm over it.

We are having issues with our heating system and believe me when I tell you it's a bummer. We normally don't use the boiler that much to heat the house, except when we go on vacation or when it gets to be below zero. Then you have to turn on the heat or the pipes will freeze. Otherwise, the wood stove does the job. Because of this, we don't always turn the heat even on, and almost never even fiddle with the thermostat upstairs. And as usual in life, when you ignore something for long enough, it comes back to haunt you. Funny how that works.

At some point the upstairs thermostat stopped working. It was an old one that uses mercury, so it was due for a change. Even still, it worked up until about a few months ago, and suddenly it no longer turned the heat on. This is not the worst thing because when we warm the downstairs, the upstairs tends to be tolerable. When we got back after our trip to Montreal, the upstairs was particularly cold, and as we crawled into bed, I decided to see if I could turn on the heat. When I adjusted the thermostat, I heard this sound of rushing water and had this awful feeling that a pipe had burst, but that was not the case. The heat actually went on, though I turned it off because I assumed something was wrong.

Well, it turns out the heat was on, but then it wouldn't go off. It's always warm in the pipes, even when we adjust the thermostat accordingly. We eventually just turned it off and still warm water was flowing through. Clearly something was amiss. I finally shut the pipe down at the source and that seems to have stopped the flow but has not solved the problem. We need to get a boiler guy here to take a look at it.

One more household issue to deal with, though I should look at it like one more opportunity to learn about owning a house. I'll tell you one thing, life sure was easier when we were renters.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Ben Loomis for the pic.

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