Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crazy Afternoon

On our weekly sojourn to our friend's house, GK&T, we decided to add some more complexity (and thus more value) to the picture by throwing in some swimming, as well. Usually we head over to their place after (her) school, but it was supposed to be cold and rainy, and G mentioned that he wanted T to get more swimming under her belt in preparation for summer. I completely understand, though our kids are like fish, you can't get them out of the water.

This, of course, added to the list of things we had to get done, and made them all the more complicated because by the time we went out the door, I had to everything prepared, because we weren't going to come back home.

These sort of days can be challenging because the earlier activities mean we have to leave before the main event and thus be ready for all planned activities. So, while we have places to be around noon, we also have to be prepared for the thing happening around 3:00. Factor in meals like lunch and dinner, and yours truly has his work cut out for him.

The plan was as follows: we were going to meet our friends around 3:00, but before then, we had guitar lessons at noon, a library meeting at 2:00, then to the pool at 3:00. After the pool we were having dinner at GK&T's, and we were bringing a salad, which I had to make. R had yoga, so she'd get home late, and being the Martha Stewart protege that I am, made her a some warm lentil salad so she'd have something to eat when she got home (she prefers vegetarian fare, especially when she eats so late at night).

To add more drama to the scene, I also had to fill the wood box, clean the house and do the dishes so R wouldn't come home to a messy house (which leads to extremely negative consequences), do the day's schoolwork, and re-string A's guitar. It helps that the kids are more actively involved in the cleaning/bed-making duties.

The guitar thing was one of those typical procrastination events that was coming to a head. A's teacher, KR, had mentioned that she could do with some new strings, and I had them on hand, but like always, was putting it off. We hadn't seen KR in awhile since we were away, and I figured that after all that time, if she showed up with old strings, it wouldn't look good. KR would never had said anything, but I would have felt like a loser (not the first time). So an hour before her lesson, I got out the wire cutters and put the new strings on. It's kind of cool doing it, and makes me feel like a rock star.

We had a nice visit with KR, she filled us in on what's going on her life, and she made tea and served sweets, though she kept pushing them onto the kids even in lieu of the fact that we hadn't had lunch yet. I kept telling them "No more," and she kept encouraging them, a fact that I frowned on a little. Kind of like the fun aunt who keeps undercutting mom and dad's authority (making us, of course, look like the meanies). Finally I had to be stern and say, "Enough." Not easy being the bad guy, but that's what happens when people don't truly empathize with the parental plight.

We wanted to stay longer and chat, but I had my first meeting as an official representative of the library. I was meeting with MD to get some preliminary info about my duties. We met at the library and went over things, and it seemed cool. MD is so nice, and we love our library. It took a little longer than I'd anticipated because we chatted about life and politics, and I got to meet the library staff.

After the meeting, it was off to the pool. I assumed we were late, but we actually pulled into the parking lot at the same time as G&T. We swam for about two hours, then off to their house for dinner. We usually stay there until at least 8:00 PM. I feel bad, but the kids really play well together, and I enjoy G&K company.

After dinner, it was dark, the kids were tired, and I was in zombie mode (what else is new?). We came home and as always were happy to see mom. Then it was off to bed.

Nice day, but busy as heck. Dare I say, too busy? It ain't easy when you're trying to live a rich life and inherit the earth.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Allie Hylton Knut Pettersen and a1977 for the pics.

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