Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday

Talk about busy days, last weekend we had a busy but really fun Easter Sunday. Now I never really grew up making a big deal about the day, but we've come to really enjoy spending it doing fun and creative things together. The kids are thrilled to pieces about it. In all honesty, we weren't as prepared as we should have been. I knew Sunday was Easter, but didn't think we'd do much. R, however, realized the night before that she hadn't prepared, so she ran out and got some stuff, and once the kids were asleep, we went to work.

The first thing was stuffing the eggs with candy, then stashing them for the hunt. That, of course, was my job, since I get up early. R made a trail of chocolate leading out the front door, and around 5:30 AM, I went outside and hid the eggs around the yard. For the record, it was a beautiful morning, unseasonably warm. I recall one Easter hunting for eggs in the snow.

The kids woke up and came down in their Easter garb. That meant a bunny suit for A and a bath robe for N. He loves his robe, such a guy. They were so excited, and we headed outside for the hunt, and we all had a lot of fun, though they were itching to dive into their Easter chocolate.

We decided to have some real food first, and the kids have been asking about pancakes for awhile. We used to eat pancakes and sausage/bacon every Sunday, but it got to be a bit much having all that sugar and fat, and the kids seemed to get a little hyperactive afterward, so we toned it down a bit. This time, we used a new recipe for healthy, multi-grain cakes a la King Arthur flour, and they turned out nicely. R cooked them up beautifully.

After breakfast, we dyed eggs and R made her family favorite, traditional Easter bread. It's amazing stuff, not sure why we don't make it more often, and it looks and taste fabulous. The kids enjoy helping out. In the past, we used to incorporate the eggs into the bread, which makes it look really cool, though not necessarily something you'd like to eat.

We spent the day working up the garden in preparation for our bountiful harvest, and before we knew it, it was supper time. We had a nice meal, salmon, not your traditional Easter fare, but one we love. A fitting end to a really nice day.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.


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