Friday, April 30, 2010

New Bike, New Shoes, Guitar, and T-ball.

A had outgrown her bike, and we felt like it was time to upgrade. This way, N could get her old bike, which was a cool Trek that we got at the Omer and Bob's consignment sale. Once he inherited it, A needed a bike. I found one at a yard sale, which was basically free. I put about $30 in a tuneup and some stickers to decorate it, but it was a pale gray color, and not so spectacular. I could tell A was not completely into it, but she never complained, and even said it works fine. When I mentioned that we could get her a nicer one at a later date, her response was that this bike worked fine, and looks didn't matter. It broke my heart to hear it, but I figured she wouldn't cry if she got a different bike, she just didn't want it to go to waste.

Neither did we, even though we got the thing for next to nothing. Then it dawned on me - we needed a fourth bike, so that we could all be mobile. Since A's bike is just one step down from what R and I would ride (A rides a 24 inch wheel, we use a 26 inch wheel), it wasn't unthinkable that we could get her a nicer 24 inch bike, I could ride her 24 inch bike, and R could ride my 26 inch bike. Perfect. Even A like the idea, so long as the other bike didn't go to waste.

This, of course, meant we had to get over to the Omer and Bob's yearly sale, and it happened to fall on the day that I was meeting JH to install doors. T-ball in the afternoon added to our burden, so we had a busy day ahead of us. A also had a guitar lesson with KR.

After JH left, I fixed lunch on the go, to be eaten in the car, and we headed to W. Leb. I wanted to get to the sale ASAP to get the best selection. When we got there, there were several bikes to choose from. I set a limit on price, with some flexibility, and told her to choose 3 bikes, and from there, we'd narrow it down. She ended up picking a cool blue one with shocks, which I thought was too fancy for a kid, but it does make the bike look cool.

Afterward, I felt bad for N because he didn't get anything, but he said he understood. Even still, when they're polite and understanding like that, it makes me feel even worse. Then, it dawned on me that he needed new Crocs. We jetted over to our favorite kid's clothing store, Rugged Bear (I love that place), and wouldn't you know it, but they were having a sale on everything in the store. Score!

He picked out a pair, and we left with everyone happy. We then headed over to KR's for A's guitar lesson, which is always a nice time. We love hanging with her, and she always makes tea and serves treats. It's such a nice time. We also saw DJ walking by with her horses, and I felt bad because we haven't been riding, though I did notice that she was with one girl, and there might be an opening for A to ride. Then again, we don't need yet another thing on our plate.

From KR's, we went home, regrouped, and headed over to the ball field for t-ball, which for the record, N was beside himself with excitement all day, and the day before. T-ball is a story for another time, but suffice it to say that I'd been reluctantly cajoled into coaching, but these are the things you do for your kids.

To paraphrase the great Pete Rose, "I'd run through hell in a gasoline suit for my family." I've used this expression in the past, so excuse me if you know this.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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