Thursday, April 15, 2010

Musicals and More Connections

One down, several more to go. A had her school musical, and she was so excited, she was beside herself. It's nice to see her enthusiastic about things, though she can get thrilled to the point of losing a bit of control, but you have to love such unabashed enthusiasm.

She had a long day of performing. They put on three shows in one day, two in the AM, and one in the PM. Seemed like a bit much, but the shows were well attended, and she loved it. I dropped her off for the day, we reconvened in the afternoon, and then we went back for the evening show.

It was a really cute show, the kids did a fabulous job, and some of them were exemplary, some of the soloists, in particular. A was a late addition to the show, her name didn't even appear on the initial list of actors, a fact that brought me great consternation, but they rectified the problem before I had to karate chop someone on the head. Now being the completely biased person that I am, I think A could have pulled off some of the solos in grand style, or at least one of the monologues, but by the time I had contacted the conductor, she had already cast the play, and only background parts were available. I'm not complaining, we were thrilled that she had a chance to be in the play, and she absolutely loved it. I just think she is born to perform, and she's good at memorizing and reiterating things.

Now that the show is done, it's one less thing to schedule, and that's a huge relief. Also, we met several of the parents, some of whom indicated the desire for playdates. How's that for a monster bonus? One of the main reasons I had initially thought of enrolling A in the play was so that she could be with her friends, several of whom she'd met in the Christmas Choir. Believe me when I tell you that over here, mom and dad NEVER stop looking out for nice friends. It's exhausting, not to mention at times frustrating, especially in lieu of YKW, but I won't get into that for now.

Anyway, we exchanged contact info with several parents, and that means there will hopefully be some (many?) playdates in the near future. Also, some of these kids also have SAHDs, which makes things easier, but is not an imperative, since I can hang with the moms and exchange brownie recipes, not to mention war stories from the trenches.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to ilker for the pic.

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