Monday, May 3, 2010

Green Up Day and Rehydration Issues

I made a whiny post and deleted it because it was so whiny, but in retrospect, maybe should have kept it. Like the line in Biloxi Blues when the character tears the page out of his diary because it offended his friend, "Once you start compromising your values, you become a candidate for mediocrity." I think that's a forgone conclusion.

Anyway, there's too much to deal with to whine, so I'll move forward and stew quietly, instead. We had Green Up Day this past weekend, and the kids were really excited about it all. People really get into it, and the town really rallies (sp?) behind the cause. They have all sorts of activities and events, and it's a big day out here. Also, people fiercely defend their cleaning areas. I was told people call in the day before to reserve their road. Last year, someone beat us to the punch on our road, and this year I, too, got into the act and was determined that we should clean the road we live on. For the record, the people who scooped us last year were our neighbors and friends. This year, when we were taking care of our neighbor's cat, we actually cleaned up the road on our own, and there was plenty of trash. Walking to and fro, we picked up a bag's worth, and felt good about doing our part, because every day should be Green Up Day, don't you think?

It was a beautiful day, and R spent it in the garden while I worked on the barn/yard. At some point, the kids wanted to do Green Up, so we went for a walk. There wasn't much to do, as expected, but they had fun, and we saw several of our friends getting into the act, as well.

After working in the yard all day in the hot sun, I've found I have rehydration issues, and at R's suggestion, decided to drink an oral rehydration solution instead of water. More carbs, salts and electrolytes, it reminds me of Gatorade. At the very least, it tastes good, and I want to believe that it will help, so we'll see. The heat is only going to get worse.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Flavio Takemoto for the pic.

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