Monday, May 3, 2010

Reading Machine

In an example of a situation that would bring tears of joy to any parent, N has become a bit of a reading machine. I'll tell you one thing, you haven't really experienced the true meaning of life until you've seen your child in their underwear or wearing a robe on the couch and losing themselves in a good book. A good reminder of what life is all about.

Mind you, it wasn't always this way. N wasn't as keen on reading as A. In fact, when he was really little, he didn't even like being read to, but we hung in there and eventually he began to love having stories read to him, and now, he is able to read on his own. It's too cool for words to see his face light up with recognition when he can read and understand something. He has yet to really jump in head first and devour books, but at least he enjoys them. One step at a time, as the saying goes.

I'll take it. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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