Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

We had a wonderful Mother's Day last weekend, and I realize I'm way behind the curve here, but what else is new? Besides, I'm spread pretty thin these days, so bear with me.

The kids really get into special occasions, especially when it involves mom. A&N holed up in the school room and went all out, making cards and gifts from assorted craft supplies. Given the time and left to her own devices, they can do an amazing job of making gifts that would break your heart if you saw them. They are so cool, and so endearing, you can really see that they put a lot of thought into them.

The Friday before Mother's Day, we decided to go out and get flowers for R, but we ran into the problem of keeping them fresh until Sunday. We knew come M-day that we couldn't really slip out and make it a nice surprise, so we got them earlier. We then found a nice vase and kept them in water in the secret room. The kids made it clear to R that she was not to enter, and they kept everything stashed in there. The night before, A was stressed out that I wasn't going to put the flowers in the nice vase in time, but I managed. Give a guy more credit, why don't you?

The morning of Mother's Day, the kids were besides themselves. They kept asking me, "Can we go see mom?" I told them to be patient, let her sleep, but they couldn't wait. Finally, R appeared, and boy was she surprised. She asked us how we got the flowers without her knowing. If only she knew.

The weather was cold, some sort of cold front, so we hung out by the fire and the kids made pancakes and bacon. The pancakes were from a recipe we got from our King Arthur Flour Whole Grain cookbook, which we bought at auction at the Winter Carnival. You can freeze the mix and simply add milk and eggs, which is perfect for the kids.

After breakfast, R did some work at home, and then we headed over to the big city for dinner and then a movie. We ate at our favorite place, Boloco, and in line with the fact that we love that place, we got a free burrito for Mother's Day. How cool is that? We love Boloco, I could eat there every day.

After dinner we went to see that Disney flick, The Ocean, which was okay, but somehow Pierce Brosnan just doesn't cut it as a narrator. They need someone like David Attenborough or Peter Wolf or something like that. I hate to admit it, but on a few occasions, I found myself falling asleep.

We went for Ben and Jerry's ice cream afterward, and I sort came away from the place with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. They seem to be embracing the Starbuck's approach to ice cream. They have these deceptive names for ice cream, and when you want a small scoop, you need to specify a "kid's" scoop, otherwise they give you a bigger one than you want and of course charge you more. I mean, seriously, our kids are little, I don't want them eating a half a pint of ice cream. Either way, I felt deceived and duped, kind of like I feel at the auto mechanic's shop, but more on that later.

We got home and it was getting dark, but I figured it was cool and nice out, so a perfect time to mow the lawn before bedtime.

A nice Mother's Day, mainly because we hung out together and got to eat Boloco and ice cream. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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