Friday, May 14, 2010

Not Worthy

There are definitely days when I feel completely unworthy of our kids. Actually, there are many of those days, and we had a couple in a row just recently. As you may have gathered from my incessant whining (it's not that bad, is it?), we are feeling pretty overwhelmed in this neck of the woods. So much so, that every little bit helps when the kids pitch in, but when the do it without a word from mom and dad, it's like a ray of sunshine through the clouds (I use that metaphor often).

Because there is so much work that needs to be done outside, I'm not around inside as much as I could be, overseeing the running of the homestead. This includes cleaning, making beds, preparing food, and schooling. The other day, as I was furiously trying to do fascia work and stain boards, A came out and asked me if I wanted her to make lunch. Not just for themselves, but for me, as well. Now I'm not a big lunch eater, but how I could say no?

Not only that, but she informed me that she'd made her and her brother's bed, she and N cleaned the room, and they'd both done their schoolwork. And I didn't say a word. N also fed the cats and cleaned their dishes. AND, they did the same the next day, as well.

Amazing. Just goes to show you, I'm not worthy, but I'm working on it. Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to julia _ for the pic.

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