Friday, May 28, 2010

T-Ball Dilemma and Being Head Beagle (sort of)

I realize that with leadership comes responsibility, but this may be going a bit too far. It reminds me of when Snoopy became Head Beagle and came to hate it because of the ugly responsibilities. Anyway, it has come to our attention, more than half-way through the season, that a few of the families on our t-ball team have not paid their registration. They have in effect slipped through the cracks, avoiding the $25 fee. Not that we would condone this, but what's the big deal of a few dollars?

Well, it's complicated by the fact that there were a set number of hats and jerseys, which we felt short on, and now there are kids who have in fact paid the registration but don't have hats and jerseys. We were asked to identify the offenders and get those back.

Fat chance. I can't imagine telling a kid he's got to return his jersey, much less tell him he can't play. The question is, what to do? Some of these might not in fact have the $$ to pay. Personally, I'd like to employ my standard MO and ignore it until it goes away, or at least until the season ends, but that doesn't always work. We'll see what happens next.

For the record, it ain't easy being Head Beagle, and I'm only the assistant.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to shan dun for the pic.

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