Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rehearsal, Library Meeting, and Missing Practice

So my life of public service has cramped my style a bit. My trustee meeting is coinciding with t-ball practice, and being a coach and all, how can I possibly not be there? I mean, the fate of the free world depends on my presence, or at least batting practice. I mentioned to the other trustees that I had to be somewhere, though I toyed with the idea of spinning a story because I was a little embarrassed to say I had to miss some of the meeting because of t-ball, but in the end, opted for the honest approach, which of course got me nowhere, because I didn't manage to leave early.

Coach KW said it was no problem if I showed up or not (thanks a lot), her sons would help out (great kids) and R agreed to cover for me. So the way it worked out was I would take the kids to the library along with their bikes and t-ball gear, and they would hang out and I would be a trustee.

R would come and pick up the kids and take them to t-ball while I finished the meeting. After the meeting, I would head over to practice, where nobody even noticed I was missing, and R would take A home for supper. N and I would join them to eat, and then A had rehearsal for the community theater, which on that night went for 1.5 hours.

Welcome to a day in our lives. It's a good thing we have two cars... for now. Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Agata Urbaniak for the pic.

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