Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Divine Intervention

Boy, we sure caught a few breaks yesterday with the weather, and this time around, it was bad weather that worked in our favor. In retrospect, however, it may not have mattered, anyway.

I had been trying to get A to play softball because some of her friends were on the team, so naturally, being the overbearing dad that I am, I tried to force the issue despite her ambivalence. She was hesitant about the whole thing, but often times with new things she is not sure but enjoys it in the end. She just needs a little nudging.

Well, as it turns out, we missed the first practice, so I figured we could make it to the second one without falling too far behind. That night, however, N had drama class in WRJ, then t-ball, then after practice, A had her community theater rehearsal. It was crazy, and I didn't want to bite off too much, but I wanted her to at least try softball. On the other hand, if she missed too many practices, at some point it might not be worth it, and here she was going to miss another one because of rehearsal.

Then the clouds rolled in, and before we knew it, there was rain, thunder and lightning. Practice for t-ball and softball was canceled. New life. Now A could go to rehearsal and not miss another practice and still be up to speed.

In the end, however, after further inquiry, she indicated that she just wasn't that interested in softball. She's an artist, not a jock, like her brother. I decided that you just can't force these issues, and left it at that. Part of the reason I was encouraging her was because she is good, she can really hit the ball, and she has a good arm. Not to be sexist, but she doesn't throw "like a girl," the kiss of death for any boy playing Little League. She has good form and a strong arm, and she can run. The only thing she needs practice in is fielding, but that applies to every kid I've seen on the field.

I'll just leave it at that. Just as a side note, we also had a dentist's appointment that morning, which I'd forgotten about and missed. They fine you for missing an appointment without giving them enough notice, but this time around, they cut me a break because someone had canceled and if I could fill the void, they'd forgive my oversight. Serendipity shines it's light on us once again.

Or as my Mentor would say, "Friggin cosmic!"

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to laura00 for the pic.

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