Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fun Day and Impromptu Swim

The weather this summer has been fabulous, I can’t complain, though I always find a way to. Sure, it’s been hot, but there haven’t been too many days of consecutive scorching weather, and the hot and sunny days are usually broken up by a day or two of steady rain. This really helps our garden, but more on that later.

The hot weather inspired the kids to want to go swimming, especially N, who has a special water missile that he was itching to dust off and employ. The thing about his missile is that you can’t really use it in a pond, because it sinks, and if it sinks in a pond, you can pretty much kiss it goodbye. We needed a pool, and we had a few choices, opting for the Lebanon pool, which is nice and affordable. We also usually see our friends there. Storr’s pond is a complete rip-off at $10 a person, even kids, but it’s a nice pool. The other option is Hartford, which is smaller, but closer. I figured for our first pool swim, we’d do Lebanon.

We got there around 11:30, and it turned out that they didn’t open until 1:00. Bummer, we had over an hour to kill. We got sandwiches for lunch, so we decided to head over to the Leb green to eat lunch and play until it was time. It’s a nice park and the weather was beautiful, but the park is filled with rough characters. It reminded me of New York City, though of course to a lesser degree. Fortunately the kids had no clue what was going on, or just didn’t care. That will change with time.

We finished lunch, they played on the swings, and we got out of there and went swimming. The pool was great, the weather was perfect for swimming, and N got his water missile fix. I have to admit, it’s fun to play with, and being the city boy that I am, I feel more comfortable swimming in a pool. I can’t quite handle the muck squishing between my toes. After a couple of hours of swimming, we headed back home to hit the farmer’s market.

It was quiet when we got there, but there were some friends hanging out, so we joined them. It’s a really great scene, and . I had a game to go to (see More Hockey), so the plan was get them some supper, let them play with their friends, and then wait for mom to show up and then I could head off to my game. It sure took a lot of juggling, because I picked up supper for R, took it home for her for when she got off work, picked up a watermelon to bring back for the kids at the market, and then I went and watered the tomatoes. We have a huge problem with potato beetles, which I had to pick off with my hand, one by one, and drop them into soapy water. Those things are everywhere, and many people’s plants have been decimated.

After feeding the kids, I waited for R, then headed off to my game, which we lost,, but man was it fun. Then it was time to head home after a long day and get some rest, because I had a game the next morning, early. Hockey, what else is there in life?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Wayan Vota for the pic.

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