Thursday, July 5, 2012

Maine on a Whim

As I said, I’m a little behind here, but catching up. Last weekend, after our big Portsmouth/Blue Angels adventure, we figured we’d head up to Maine and frolic in the surf. It was only about 30 minutes up the coast, and we’re big fans of Maine. Our target was Ogunquit, and while were at it, we figured we’d get some lobster rolls, as well. I and the kids had never really had lobster rolls. We’d eaten lobster, but never lobster rolls.

We got to Ogunquit around 5:30, and the tide was coming up so the clock was ticking for our time on the beach. Plus, the water was freezing. I’m talking hurt-your-feet freezing, and it was such a warm day. That’s Maine for you. This fact did not seem to faze N, who was practically swimming out to Martha’s Vineyard. The kids is impervious to the cold. It was actually a lovely day at the beach, and as I mentioned, Ogunquit is a cool town. It’s so fun and lively, and somewhat reminiscent of Provincetown, in more ways than one.

After swimming, it was getting late, and we still had to eat and then get home. There are more lobster shacks along route 1 than you can count, and we left Ogunquit figuring we’d find something, but it was getting late, and the pickings were not as extensive as we thought they’d be. I kept saying that we needed to get lobster rolls from a place that was painted yellow, but at some point, we were not in a position to be picky. I should have consulted with my Mentor, who is not only a gourmand, but an expert on Maine.

Either way, we got to the town of York and decided to get off the highway and head into town. It’s a small town, but we managed to find a place advertising lobster rolls. It wasn’t yellow, but it was a shack, and it seemed like a place that locals ate at. We all got lobster rolls, and mom got a salad. Now I’m no expert on lobster rolls, but I was expecting something with mayonaise and maybe some celery or onions, but the lobster rolls were just lobster meat and some butter to dip it in. No mayo! The lobster was fresh and tender, but we might as well have just gotten a lobster. I was a little disappointed.

I need to consult with my Mentor, but it wasn’t quite the lobster roll experience that I was expecting. In fact, I still feel like I’m searching for my first lobster roll.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to bob1th for the pic.

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