Sunday, July 1, 2012

More Spontaneity and the Blue Angels

On the advice of the Amazing PR Man and his wife, DR, we headed out on a whim (sort of) and went to see the Blue Angels. We are just the masters of spontaneity over here. We had discussed with the kids the idea of checking out the Blue Angels in Portsmouth, but we had a crazy week with Clown Camp and Open Stick, and I was ready to hang out on the home front, myself. Maybe even do something crazy like mow the lawn.

R was looking into the Blue Angels, and she thought it would be nice to go to the coast. The kids seemed ambivalent at first, but they gradually warmed up to it, and by Saturday morning, it had been decided. We were driving to Portsmouth to see the show, and maybe drive up to Maine to hit the beach, afterward. How’s that for getting crazy?

The drive isn’t that bad, about two hours, but somehow it’s less painful than going to Burlington. The Blue Angels were performing at this old airport, and there was a big air show preceding them. The weather was hot, but it was breezy with some cloud cover, so we didn’t roast. In fact, it was fairly nice. The crowd was huge, and the show was cool. We missed the first couple of hours, intentionally, and made it in time to see a few bi-planes doing crazy things before the Blue Angels fired up their engines.

It was a pretty amazing show, and we all loved it. They did some incredible flying, and A&N were beside themselves, they couldn’t get enough. I think they both want to be pilots now. The show lasted about an hour, and then we packed up and drove up to Maine for even more spontaneity. We hit Ogunquit beach and frolicked in the surf for a few hours. The water was freezing, though that didn’t stop the kids from jumping in. I was amazed.

The tide eventually came up high and we had to leave the beach, so we went in search of a good lobster roll, figuring we were in Maine, after all. We ended up in York, and I have to say, I was a little disappointed in my first lobster roll. The lobster was fresh, tender, and delicious, but no mayo. I thought a lobster roll had mayo. Either way, it was good, but not quite what I was expecting. Still searching.

The drive home was a bit brutal, but we made it, and now we have the rest of the weekend to catch up on some rest. That is, of course, until UF.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to iconic labs for the pic.

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