Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sporty Weekend

Sports seem like such a way of life for kids these days, it’s rather unusual. I realize kids have played sports since the beginning of time, but somehow the culture up here is all about sports. It’s all people talk about.

Of course, we are part of this jock culture, so maybe it’s just the company we keep. Either way, with hockey over, our kids are doing spring sports, and it’s fun going to the events because it usually involves nice weather and being outdoors... usually being the key word. A couple of weeks back, we got a little crazy and went to both events, and though it took a lot of legwork, it was fun.

N had his first lacrosse game down south, and A had her first track meet across town. Now when I say first, I mean first one attended, because we missed the first few games/track meets because of time conflicts with our vacation. Kind of a bummer, but things work out in the end. For N it was tough because his season is so short, missing two games, the first two no less, meant missing nearly half the season. To his credit, he handled it well, and didn’t complain at all. A missed her first three track meets, and she was a little more vocal in her discontent, not that I blame her. That, too, worked out because one of the meets was cancelled because of weather, and I’m not even sure if they attended another.

Either way, we finally made it to each, and it meant driving an hour down south to watch N’s game, which they dominated, then driving back to town, getting mom, then driving across town to the big city to watch A’s track meet. It was fun, and the timing was good because right after A’s second event, the relay, it started pouring rain. I’m talking serious downpour. Good thing we were allowed to leave.

It was a busy weekend, but loads of fun, as usual, and that makes it all okay. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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