Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Day at the Races

I didn’t realize this, but there is a racetrack over in nearby Canaan, and apparently it’s the real deal, with some sort of affiliation to NASCAR. I don’t know how it all works, and am not that enamored with car racing, but can appreciate aspects of it. Whatever be the case, once A&N (especially N) learned about a local racetrack, of course we were going to check it out.

The track is about an hour away, off the main road and tucked away near Mt. Cardigan, so it’s easy to miss. I’m sure we’d passed by it on occasion and never even knew it was there. They run dirt track races on Friday, and then asphalt on Saturday and Sunday. We were set to go on Friday but it was cancelled due to rain. On Saturday, we had a full day of family fun, and since our day began sort of in that direction, we just continued out to Canaan.

The track is as you would expect it to be: loud, exciting, and filled with fried food and people who love cars. It’s pretty loud, even for me, but it’s pretty cool getting up close to the track and seeing the cars whiz by. I don’t get the whole racing format, but they start early in the day, and by the time we got there, around 6:00PM, they started the real races. I’m guessing they do time trials during the day and establish the positioning for the race.

They have a few different divisions that race, including modified, stock, and a couple of others that were beyond my comprehension. The cars themselves are cool. I figured they would be souped-up of versions of dad’s station wagon, but they looked cool, like real race cars. There was a division where clearly some guy had modified his grandparent’s Gremlin, but they were still cool, fast and loud.

The race was exciting, the kids loved it, and we had a great time. We didn’t eat any fried food, though the corn dogs sure looked good. We ended up leaving around 9:00PM and made the long drive back home, but the kids were all abuzz about the races. I’m thinking we’ll be back again before the season’s over.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to jason goulding for the pic.

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