Friday, August 9, 2013

A Day of Sun and Partying

Earlier this week we had a big day of partying, and everyone had fun. N was invited to CG’s birthday, and believe me, their house is party central. Plus, JG is the uber-mom who can plan and host a get together like no other. They have an amazing pond and lots of accoutrements, so the kids were on auto-pilot and made their own fun. There was a little confusion about gifts, they asked not to bring anything and instead make a donation to the animal shelter. We weren’t sure how to approach it, but decided that the kids should instead make a cool birthday card and we’d donate accordingly. Of course, this backfired and people brought gifts. We should have known better because it was awkward, but live and learn.

That didn’t diminish the fun, the kids had a blast, and N got to hang with his buddies. JG had things under control so I could run some errands, and then I got to hang with the parents and talk about life, which we all love to do. At some point GG came home from work, and the other JG came to pick up her son. It was a beautiful day, we lucked out with the weather, and it was nice just hanging out on the grass.

One complication was that A had her track barbecue that evening (no cooking supper, woo-hoo!), but didn’t have plans that day. JG said she was absolutely welcome to the party, but she alluded not being so keen on being the only girl there, even though she would have been fine because she does well in any situation. It would have been ideal if A’s buddy SS came, but for the life of me I couldn’t get ahold of S or C, so it wasn’t meant to be. A said she would go to the party if it made life easier, but I figured we had other options. I contacted AM, and she said they’d love to have her over.

So, I took A over to AM’s, dropped N off at the G’s, then headed into WRJ for market supplies. I got back in time for cake and ice cream, and the kids went crazy in the yard while the parents chatted. At some point we had to run because I had to get A to her banquet, so we headed back home and went to the rec center. The banquet was small but nice, and the track kids were having fun together. Strangely enough, it was mostly girls. We brought along N’s bike so he could have fun while the bigger kids socialized. At some point RD invited A and a few friends over for a sleepover, so we she went one way and N and I went home. Boy, life sure is crazy sometimes, especially in light of the fact that the next day was the market... then again, we wouldn’t want it any other way, would we?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to sweetsnsuch for the pic.

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