Tuesday, August 6, 2013


That’s French for finished, as in finally finished the soffit (the pic is pre-fini). As hard as it is to believe, I got the beast done, in no small part thanks to the fortuitous attainment of certain power tools from HH and SH, no relationship. HH let me borrow her nail gun and compressor, which leaked badly making it hard but not impossible to use. SH, who bailed out on us, for whatever reason left his compressor behind, but that, too, leaked. I tried to fix the problem with HH’s compressor but ended up stripping the bolt a little, so I figured I’d leave it and have it professionally fixed. Meanwhile, I did manage to remove the bolt on SH’s compressor, and found a replacement valve at Home Depot. Both compressors had leaky release valves, go figure.

Anyway, SH’s compressor has it’s own issues, but at least it doesn’t leak, so I can nail away. I feel rather pleased with the fact that the soffit is done, because not only is it one of the rare instances of something actually being finished, but I can now attack the siding. Once some of the siding is on, it will start to look like progress is being made, and everyone loves a little progress.

Then again, I shouldn’t talk until the job is done, or at least gets started. Until then, thanks for reading.

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