Saturday, August 3, 2013

More Than 50%

I’m not quite at the point of feeling satisfied given that it has been about two years in the making, but I am more than halfway done with the soffit, which for someone like me, ain’t nothing. Installing a soffit is a challenging job for one person, to say the least, but with greater challenge comes greater reward, right? Yeah, right, who needs that much reward?

It helps a lot that I have a nail gun this time around, and thanks to HH for letting me borrow it, even if the compressor leaks. I can’t complain, the thing has changed my life for the better. I am in the process of finishing the back side of the house, and once that’s done, I’ll attack the gable end, and then it’s time to put up siding. Is that crazy, or what? Working behind the barn is hard because it’s like a jungle back there, I kid you not. The weeds have grown so high and thick that I literally have to bushwhack my way in. I feel so Indiana Jones. To add to the fun, there are a bunch of berry bushes with their nasty thorns, and the mosquitoes have made it their home, making it an adventure. For the record, I live for adventure.

I’m hoping to finish the entire soffit this week, but shouldn’t say anything until it’s done, right?

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Java Zombie for the pic.

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