Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Learning to Fly

Last weekend they had a special program at the Lebanon airport to introduce kids to flying and encourage them to develop an interest in the field. Since we have the Amazing PR Man in our lives, flying in planes is something we’ve all experienced, and we’ve all had a chance to fly in a hot air balloon thanks to my Mentor. Plus, we’ve traveled a fair amount so the kids have had their fare share of flying experience, both on big jets and small commuter planes, but you can’t beat the experience of flying on a small plane, where you get to wear the headset and talk to the pilot.

Every year the airport sponsors this program, and I learned it’s a national thing. It’s called the Young Eagles, and you can go up in planes across the US and have it recorded in your flying log book. It’s really cool, and I figured it was a fun thing to do on a Saturday while A was away at a track meet. N was up for it, and it also meant we could have lunch at Five Guys.

The day started out nicely, with good weather. I woke up early in the AM and made the falafel mix for the market. Then N and I headed over to the airport while R took A to her track meet in St. Johnsbury. There was a pretty good crowd out there, and we saw several people we knew. N went up in a small single engine prop plane, though he had a chance to go up in a helicopter but didn’t want to wait around. I can relate.

They flew for quite awhile, and I lost track of which plane was his because there were so many taking off and landing. N said it was fun, but not as fun as flying with his uncle, the Amazing PR Man. Since the airport is over by the driving range, we’d brought along his clubs and hit a couple of buckets, as well. After that, we had cheeseburgers for lunch, then came home. N hung out and rode his bike while I cooked the falafels, which takes a few hours. When A and R got home, they were quite impressed with all that we’d done.

I can’t say I blame them. Then again, it’s just another day, right? Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Biczzz for the pic.

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