Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crossing Paths

In light of the recent tragedy that has befallen our friend CH and his family, I’ve been (fairly) diligently making meals for them and taking them over to their house. Real man’s food, of course. Every Friday we take over some sort of main course dish, with some side like a salad, and of course, a 6-pack of beer. Good beer, too, the kind my Mentor would approve of like Long Trail or Harpoon. I’ve been leaving the food in a big cardboard box.

The whole process has had a mysterious quality to it because I was dropping the food off and wasn’t even sure if they were getting it, much less eating it. I didn’t want to bother them so I would just leave the box on their front door and leave. I don’t know how to contact them, they don’t have phone service, and CH doesn’t do email. I figured as long as nobody was complaining, I’d keep doing it.

Well, the other day, I went over and his son HH was sitting on the front porch, and I had a chance to chat with him. He’s a full blown teenager, so he wasn’t interested in engaging with a boring adult, but CH has great kids, and he was courteous and friendly. He even thanked me for the food, which I took to mean that at least they were getting it, maybe even eating it. He also gave me a hug, which I thought was really touching. Again, what great kids.

Anyway, we were on our way to the big city to meet mom for dinner and a movie, and who should we see at the theater but CH’s other kids. His two girls were out seeing Monsters U, and we got there late so we scrambled to get the kids seats. It was dark, and we found two seats right in front of CH’s girls. They said hi and all that good stuff, and afterward A&N told us that they said thank you for all the food.

Isn’t it crazy how the world works? Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to jiwoong lee for the pic.

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