Sunday, July 28, 2013

Things Are Looking Up

I think this past market was our eighth, and so far, the best. We did a pretty brisk business, and even though it was busy, it wasn’t painfully stressful. In fact, we paced ourselves well and even the preparation went well. The key is to have a supply of falafels ready to go, leaving the oil hot enough to make french fries on demand. When the oil gets cranking hot, the fries cook in 10-20 seconds, it’s amazing, though when those wet fries hit the oil, the reaction is pretty violent, if not disconcerting.

R was doing a bit of analysis, and it seems like our income stream is comparable to what we did with dumplings, with a fraction of the work. Personally, I think we have a better product, and we are developing a loyal clientele. It’s definitely more of a meal, and one of the few things are the market that is reasonably healthy, with lots of fresh vegetables. Sure, there’s a bit of fried stuff, but sometimes you need a little fun stuff to go along with the healthy.

Either way, the weather was beautiful, the crowds were out, and the kids had fun pitching in and hanging out. We’re also developing good relations with our neighbors in terms of bartering, and it works out beautifully. It’s one of the things I like about the market, developing relationships, if not friendships. Finally, A and N have become important helpers in our operation, and dare I say, we couldn’t do it without them. They really help out a lot, and it’s good for them to see and understand how people make a living, or at least try.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Sagie for the pic.

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