Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Things We Do For Love (i.e., our kids)

We had this plan all laid out and my life would have been so much simpler if I had just left things alone, but I had to go and alter things and make my life crazy, all in the name of fun. What was I thinking?

We went to open stick at the ice rink the other day and there was a great showing of N’s teammates. We had a blast on the ice, and it’s nice for N to hang with his own buddies for a change, as opposed to A’s friends, who are all very nice, but happen to all be girls. Go figure. It’s a great way for him to see his friends and future teammates, so the more the merrier. The next time the opportunity arrived, of course I was going to bend over backwards to make it happen.

The only problem was, we had so many other things we needed to do, and it was looking like I wasn’t going to be able to take him over there. Total bummer. A had guitar in the big city, and then I had a library board meeting in the afternoon. Then A had track practice, so I was locked up. Just for good measure, we are watching three of our friend’s cats, one of which is on it’s last leg, but more on that later.

I wasn’t going to just give up, so I tried contacting N’s buddies to see if one of them would take him for the day and then give him a ride over to the ice. I inquired with several of them but they were either out of town or in the process of leaving town, so they weren’t going to make it. The big thorn in my side was this board meeting. If I didn’t have to go, then we were in business, because I could take A to her friends house where she could hitch a ride to track. Then I could take N myself to the ice and we could skate, and then afterward get A at the end of her practice.

Oh yeah, one more big complication was that I was cooking the falafels for the market, which eats up about 3 hours of time. Anyway, we hatched up a plan, which would have made my life easier, but complicated R’s day. She had to head off to work, so I would stay at home and cook falafels, and then I would take the kids to the big city for A’s guitar lesson. After the lesson, R would meet us and take N with her, and I would take A with me straight to my board meeting, where she could entertain herself with books and computers. Guess which one she would prefer?

After my meeting, I would take A home, prepare some supper, and then take her to track, during which I could go home and finish supper. Meanwhile, R would take N with her to work, and then in the afternoon, drive him over to open stick. She could hang out while he played. This would have worked out perfectly, except that I think N would have had more fun going to the ice with his friends, not that he doesn’t adore his mom’s company. One of our friends, the other Gs, actually got back to me and said they were going to the ice, and that N could come over and play before they went. They were going swimming and he could hang for the day. Woo-hoo! N was stoked about the idea, as was I. I called R and told her of our new plan.

The only problem was, it completely threw a wrench in my day, because I was right in the middle of cooking falafels. TG told me they were heading over to swim right after lunch and to bring N over anytime, the sooner the better. Of course I panicked and dropped everything and packed N’s swim and hockey gear. I drove over and chatted with JG for a bit, then left N with them and headed back home. I told A that she should be ready to roll when I got there, and once I got home, we headed to the big city for her lesson, forgetting her guitar in the process. Fortunately, her lesson is in a guitar store, so there plenty of options hanging on the walls.

After her lesson, we immediately headed to my meeting, stopping first at home to bring in the laundry because there was a threat of rain, which is business as usual around here these days. The meeting lasted about 1.5 hours. For the record, we got a lot done thanks to the diligence of the other board members. It was a good meeting, if there is such a thing. I then gathered up A and went home to get her track stuff, where we saw that R had come home early. This was a great development, because I had continue making supper, and then I had to get N at the rink. R took A to her practice, then came home and finished some of the dinner prep while I went to get N. I stopped at the rec center en route to get him a pair of lacrosse shorts (the only kind he’s wear), but that, too, is another story.

I always love going to the rink, and it’s nice to see friends there, not to mention the fact that it’s nice and cool inside. I thanked the G’s profusely, they really saved the day, and then had to head out to get A at her practice. It had started raining and figured her practice might have been canceled, but no such luck. We arrived just at the practice had ended, so our timing was perfect. She was hanging with her buddies from hockey, whereupon I asked one of the moms if A could hang with them later in the week so N and I could go to... you guessed it, the ice rink. They were more than happy to have her, so we have a tentative plan.

Now if this were the end of our day, I would say it was crazy and full, but it was far from over. We still had two sets of cats to feed, not to mention supper and falafels. Fortunately, we divided and conquered. R went to the Ps to take care of their cat and water the plants, while A&N biked over to our neighbors to feed their cat and fish. Meanwhile, I finished making supper, which was fish tacos. I had to broil the fish. R had done the rest, and N cooks the tortillas because he loves to do it.

We had a feast, we were starving. Plus, it was on the late side since we had so many things we had to do. After, R cleaned up and the kids watched a movie while I slaved away over a hot stove cooking falafels. It was pretty brutal, and it was after 10:30PM when I had finally finished. Normally I would have been done by lunchtime, but as I mentioned, our plans changed and I had to adapt. At least I got it done, and now we are ready (sort of) for the market.

All in all, it was quite the day, but we accomplished what we needed to do and the kids had fun, and that’s the most important thing. I’m glad it worked out, but man were we tired.

Then again, if you’re not tired by the end of the day, then you’re clearly not doing enough, right? If I had to do it all over again, I’d do the same, except that I’d probably tell the library board that I couldn’t make the meeting, I have more important things to attend to.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Doug Wheller for the pic.

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