Sunday, July 28, 2013

Four and Done

If you can believe this, I finally finished the fourth return (corner thingy?), and now I’m ready to complete the soffit. I have to say, making those returns was a bear of a job, mainly because there were so many angles. We’re talking angles and bevels, and then they all have to fit together. What a nightmare. People kept saying it would get easier as you did more of them, but I didn’t find this to be the case, and even if it were, when am I ever going to make one of those again? Hopefully never.

One other note, I realized that the soffit is half done, and I could even start to put on siding. Is that crazy, or what? Interestingly enough, the half of the house that is ready to roll is the one that is front facing, i.e., the one we look at. If I were to put siding on that half, it would look like progress is being made, and we all know that life is all about appearances.

This moves us into the next big stage of this project, and that’s ordering the siding, and that won’t be cheap. As anyone who knows us knows, big money purchase are painful, but hopefully I’ll just man up and do it. If we could just get that siding up, the house will at least be protected from the elements, and it will look so much nicer. The funny thing about Tyvek is that it has a finite life, and at some point, it doesn’t look that great, especially when it’s torn, stained, and flapping in the wind.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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