Monday, July 8, 2013

Nice Rack

And how! We just learned that the rack we bought for the now defunct Mazda can be adjusted to work on our Fit. How cool is that? Now we can bring N’s bike with us when we have to do boring adult stuff, like run the farmer’s market. This not only makes it fun for him, but it also adds the cool factor (which will help him impress the ladies) that is always inherent in any parental endeavor. Plus, it means that he’s not complaining about how bored he is and asking when we’re going home, not that he ever does that in the first place.

Finally, it means we don’t have to spend more money buying a new rack for the car, and you know how happy that makes me.

The next project will be to see if our old Thule roof rack will go on the Fit. If so, then we are stoked!

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Kyle Wilson for the pic.

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