Monday, July 15, 2013

Finally a Soffit

It’s been several months (years?) in the making, but I finally started putting the soffit in on the gable end of the barn. Why so long? The better question is, how did it ever get done in the first place. One of the big problems I ran into was the corner thingy, whatever that’s called. The one corner thingy was built by HH, and she not only did a great job, but she whipped that thing up in a matter of minutes. I tried making one on the other end, and it took me hours and was a piece of junk. I came away discouraged, so naturally I tried to avoid doing it, and managed to maintain this stand for months.

The big problem is, I can’t really put up siding until that darn soffit is in. The gable end soffit is actually easier than the front and back because it abut directly against the joists, versus the front and back, where I had to install mounting pieces for the soffit to attach to. This was an incredible pain, because we’re talking 96 linear feet worth of work, but they also had to be level with each other. In retrospect, this would have all been so much easier using a nail gun, but no sense in crying over spilled milk.

Anyway, my immediate goals for the barn are to finish the soffit and install the insulation on the second floor (more on this later). To finish the soffit, I need to install three more corner thingies, and then insulate the joist spaces on the other gable end. This is a bit of a chore, but I have the insulation cut, and all I need to do is glue it in and spray foam the gaps.

It all sounds rather daunting, but I’ve done it before, so it’s not debilitating. Famous last words? I managed to get about 80% of one end done, but had to stop until I get that corner thingy in. Speaking of nail guns, HH let me borrow hers and it’s made all the difference in getting the soffit done, talk about a time saver. I think it will really come in handy when it comes time to do the siding.

All in all, we’re moving along. I figure one small step at a time, and before you know it, the barn will be done... or not.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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