Friday, August 23, 2013

Splitting Time

I managed to locate a splitter, and our good friend JP said we could use it as long as we need it. What a great guy. I also managed to find someone who could help me move it in the form of my Mentor, who not only has a truck that can move mountains, but it has the right sized trailer hitch. I didn’t realize they came in different sizes, whose idea was that? JM said he would help, but his trailer hitch is the wrong size, and he said he would try to locate a bigger one. He lives very close to JP, so it would have been easy, but I didn’t know when the proper hitch would be located, and who’s got the time to wait? Not us, that’s for sure.

My Mentor came over and we hooked up the splitter and brought it home. It was all pretty painless, and we even fired the thing up. As usual I was pensive about using the thing, but my Mentor told me to be a man and just go for it. It took a few tries to get it started, during which we learned about optimal throttle and choke settings, and before we knew it, we were splitting logs. Pretty impressive stuff, and as much as I enjoy splitting wood by hand, I have to confess, that machine is pretty amazing. It splits pieces of wood that I couldn’t split in a hundred years. Maybe two hundred.

We probably have at least a cord of wood that’s been accumulating for the past several years, so now I can not only split it, but clean up the pile and make our yard look better, as well. I love when that happens.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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