Monday, September 23, 2013

An Evening of Culture

We attended the ballet this past weekend, and I have confess, I rather enjoyed it. If anything, I liked it better than the opera, which I’ve attended, as well. Maybe it’s because it’s more dynamic and energetic, or that it doesn’t last as long. Same dramatic elements and basic storylines, though.

Our friends A&K daughter, who is a wonderful dancer, was actually in the production, and they had four free tickets. I asked R is she was interested and she said sure, so we got them. I was a little pensive about how the kids would respond since it’s a fairly sophisticated art form. I don’t know too many adults (mostly men) who would sit through it, so how can you expect small children?

Anyway, we A’s buddy ES was sleeping over, so we brought her along, as well. I had never been to a ballet, but I’d seen a couple of operas when I lived in NYC. I actually liked them, especially Carmen, where I recognized a lot of the music, but they were a little long. The ballet was Giselle, and it was at the Lebanon Opera House. The crowd was a little light, but good enough to make it a show. People were actually dressed up fairly nicely, nothing like you would see in NYC, but even still, no jeans and t-shirts, which meant my standard attire was not going to do. N even wore a tie, which was too cute for words.

We even saw several of our friends there, and it was a fun evening. It’s funny because I saw several moms we know who came out without the dads and kids. Go figure. The ballet company is the local Lebanon school, so they are mostly high school kids, and they did a wonderful job. I enjoyed it, and even the kids said they liked it, though the true test will be if they want to go again.

We got home late, but it was fine, and after an evening of culture, I felt like I was back in the big city once again. That is, of course, until we got home in the woods.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Scott Moore for the pic.

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