Monday, September 23, 2013

Busy Market

Last week we had our busiest market ever, and it was sort of fun, but sort of not. The biggest bummer being at the market is, hands down, sitting around twiddling your thumbs and having no customers, so I can’t complain, but that never seems to stop me.

We had heard from other vendors that this past week was the big one, with all the students back in their routines and the fall/winter population back in the swing of things. In past markets it never went past September, so we had no frame of reference, but we were optimistic. First off, we really lucked out with the weather, it was stellar. Warm, sunny, but not hot. This brings out the people. There was a steady stream of customers, but around 4:30, things started cooking, and it was crazy. We were all working at a furious pace for about an hour straight, and it was quite the sight to behold. I’m talking cutting, chopping, cooking, and money changing hands like lightning. We really couldn’t do this without the kids.

At one point we figured we were done, only to have other customers appear. I fired the stove back up while they waited, and we were able to fill their orders, which is always a nice thing. In the end, we could pat ourselves on the back for not only the amount of business, but for the fact that we even survived. It should be interesting to see what happens next week.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Tom for the pic.

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