Monday, September 23, 2013

Budding Engineer

N definitely has the engineer gene in him. Maybe it’s inherent in boys, but he is very industrious and creative when it comes to constructing and building things (I think his next big toy will be an excavator). It’s really nice to see, and I think it really comes out because he doesn’t have the option to sit and watch TV or play video games. He is forced to find an activity and his creativity kicks in, I can’t tell you how awesome I think it is.

As you may know, N has been very keen on his BMX bike, and the place to be with it is the skate park. However, it’s not always so easy to find the time to get over there. Not to be deterred, he set about making is own sort of bike track at home, using a shovel, shears, and various garden implements. First he charted out a path, then he cleared branches, dug up the ground, and then carved out trails and obstacles. It’s so cool, despite the fact that he tore up the lawn in certain places. It’s only grass, after all, and what’s a little grass when it comes to your child’s development and ingenuity.

The path is a loop that circles around the driveway. There are jumps, ramps, beveled turns, and bumpy trails, fashioned after moto-cross tracks. He even cut a trail through the trees to make a tunnel, of sorts. It’s taken him hours to create, and it’s still being created. Best of all, once it’s done, it’s never really done because it can provide endless amounts of fun outdoor activity.

I love when that happens. Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Anthony GELOT for the pic.

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