Friday, September 13, 2013


Talk about crazy weather, we got socked with this massive storm a couple of days ago, and it sort of came out of nowhere, didn’t last that long, but knocked out the power for two days. It was time to break out the flashlights and candles, and it was a bummer, to say the least.

We were at the market and the weather forecast called for massive thunderstorms to the point where we really debated going. The big downside to canceling a market (besides missing out on making the big bucks) is that we have to buy all the ingredients to make the falafels, and it’s all perishable. We’re talking fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. The falafels are easy, we can just freeze them, as well as the pita bread, but fresh veggies are tough.

Anyway, I was mixed. I would have loved to have stayed home since I have this massive case of farmer’s market fatigue, which for the record is a known condition taught at every medical school in the country... yeah, right. When we woke, though, the weather wasn’t that bad. To add to the fun, it was forecast to be 90+ with high humidity. Now how exactly does that happen when the weather has been cool and mild every day, and then suddenly it shoots up to 95 degrees on market day. Surely someone is trying to tell us something.

The big storm didn’t really pan out, so we went to the market, and believe me, it was hot. The market was slow, people had the good sense to stay home, but looking at the bright side, we didn’t hit with the storm. It was, however, hovering on the horizon, and as we packed up and headed to Boloco for our must-have after market supper, things got darker. BTW, just wanted to mention that we weren’t even that hungry, but we really need that down time eating at Boloco because it’s such a nice break at the end of a hard day. We just love that place.

After supper, we headed home and just as we were unloading things, the storm hit, almost out of nowhere. The winds kicked up and it started pouring rain, and within minutes the power went out. Talk about a bummer. We figured it wouldn’t last too long, so we watched a DVD on my computer and went to be early. The next morning, however, still no power, and this lasted into the evening. The big issues were our fridge/freezer, and no running water. It’s hard when flushing the toilet is compromised.

Also, since we had no power, the stove repair guy, who was supposed to come, had to cancel because I guess he needs electricity. What a bummer.

The power finally came back, and not a moment too soon, but it’s been interesting, to say the least. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have urgent matters that need attending to in the bathroom. I’ll leave it at that.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to gc85 for the pic.

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