Thursday, September 26, 2013

Arctic Fall

Talk about bad timing. Two weeks ago we were slated to have our stove repaired for the coming winter, and then a massive storm comes and knocks out the power. The repair man said he needed electricity and had to reschedule, so the soonest time he had was near the end of the month. Big bummer. Of course, the morning that he was supposed to come, the power came back on, but we couldn’t have predicted that, and he’s coming from pretty far away.

With fall on the horizon, it has been getting cooler, though not intolerably cold. Even still, when you’ve got your summer skin on, the advent of fall is always an adjustment. In years past, we’ve started burning wood in September, but now we’re stuck. There have been a couple of nights of frosty evenings, but for the most part, the chill is bearable. We just have to wear some clothes around the house. We can actually use the stove, there is a crack in the base, but it was there all of last year. We want to fix it before the whole thing collapses, but we could probably get away with a week or two burning. Then again, you never really know, do you?

We have taken the “suck it up” approach and decided to just deal with it. Like I said, it hasn’t been awful, it’s just the adjustment period that is hard. The days have been in the 70s, though the mornings hover in the 40s. Then again, that’s nothing a Vermonter can’t handle, right?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Polar Cruises for the pic.

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