Monday, February 9, 2015

Antarctica Movie

Speaking of Antarctica, we went to see a movie about the place over at the Hop at Dartmouth. I was a lot different than I thought, though I should have read the blurb and this would not have been the case. I thought it was going to be about penguins and glaciers and all the cold things you see in Antarctica, but what it was really about was the people who live there and what life is like. It was interesting, just different than I expected. They described it as "breathtaking," so what sort of imagery does that elicit? We brought the kids along because we thought they might find it interesting, which they did.

The premise behind the film is that there are several research stations in Antarctica and they function all year 'round, which means that people have to live there to keep things moving along. Once spring and summer hit a huge influx of people arrive, but by fall they've all left and the only ones remaining are the "locals," none of whom, as you might guess, were actually born there. In fact, children and pets are not allowed.

It's a whole sub-culture of people, many of whom return year after year. It's definitely a different way of life, though not too far off from life in New England, especially with the weather we've been having. The kids enjoyed it and they even suggested that they might be interested in visiting the place, though I'm not sure that's a trip I would take.

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