Monday, February 9, 2015

Pond Hockey

A couple of weeks back after his game N took part in a pond hockey tournament with his teammates, and it was quite the event, not so much because it was big and bold, but because of how serious the participants seemed to take it. People practiced and prepared for it, and there was no messing around. Apparently our friends won the championship last time because the likes of GG and CG on the team, who are formidable players. This year they couldn't make it and so they scraped the bottom of the barrel and asked me to play. For good measure they also recruited DW who is a star on the ice, so they were in good shape.

It was a little rushed but we headed out after the game and drove over the hill to the neighboring town. As it turns out, MB had recruited extra players in the event that some couldn't make it, but they all made it, so we ended up with too many skaters. As a result, I agreed to sit out so the kids could all play. They're better than me, anyway, but it turns out the team they were competing against were ready to win. They four adults and two kids who were late teens, versus our team which was all kids under the age of 11. We ended up losing by a goal, but it seemed a little unfair to be pitted against all those adults.

Either way, it was fun, and there were burgers and hot dogs to be eaten. Now since we need more things to do in our lives, after the game we headed over to the big city to meet mom and A to see a movie about Antarctica, but more on that later.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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