Sunday, February 8, 2015

No Whiners, Please

I still struggle with being a coach amongst such giants of coaching, but I've decided to stay the course and finish what I've started, even though I don't want to. This has been an interesting lesson for me, and I view it with mixed emotions. On the one hand, it's not easy to be around a bunch of high octane, heavy-hitting hockey players who played at the Division I college level. That's serious stuff. I am constantly reminded of how limited my abilities are, and yet I'm trying to teach these kids the game of hockey. I feel like I make a fool of myself every practice since most of the players are better than me, though they are respectful and well behaved, so I'm fortunate on that count. I sort of just do what I'm told, and I guess I'm not that clueless. Having played sports my entire life, I can see that there are some parallels amongst every sport.

On the other hand, I am glad that I can be there to help my kids learn the game and feel comfortable in an pretty competitive environment. I also think it's good for them to see their dad trying to do something he's not that great at but is trying to learn. Finally, from my own perspective, it's good to operate outside my comfort zone now and then. Not only does it temper the male ego, which is in constant need of tempering, but I seem to grow from the process... I think. At some point in our lives, as we get to be old farts, we stop trying new things and challenging ourselves, sequestering ourselves in our the comfort of our routines. I do it all the time, but as a transplant in these parts, I can honestly say that every day is a new experience. Life in New England ain't Southern California, that's for sure.

I view this as a good thing, just like the change in seasons, traveling, and learning to play hockey. It keeps your brain fresh and bolsters your constitution while reminding you that life can be an adventure if you want it to be. The question is, how much adventure does a guy really need?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to CosmicSoda for the pic.

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