Thursday, February 2, 2017

Possible Car Repair

Mom's car has been making a strange noise while she drives so I took it into the shop to have a look. The sound reminds me of when the wheels are off balance and they wobble, especially when dirt or snow gets inside, though there is no discernible wobble. It's was a bit of a mystery and something we wanted to address ASAP. As anyone who owns a new or new-ish car will attest to, the less noise your car makes, the better.

I took her car over to Meunier's to have a look and they balanced the tire and listened to it on the lift. What they theorized was that it was a bearing issue and needed to be replaced. I thought this was odd because this car is still pretty new and has less than 50K miles on it. Fortunately, the bearings fall under the powertrain warranty, which was still in effect. Our mechanic, who is very cool, called around and found out the warranty info and the price of the repair if it wasn't still under warranty, which it is.

Either way, we now had a sense of what was going on and made an appointment with Gerrish. One cool thing is that we bought the car at Shearer in Rutland, but can take it to Gerrish, which is much closer, to get any warranty work done, which is very cool. We'll see what happens next.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Alexander Schneider for the pic.

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