Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Work Space

A man needs his work space, and this is especially true when you're mind is geared toward gadgets, or rather, dismantling and building them. N is all about gadgets, it's the engineer in him, and everything that is machine oriented piques his interest. I'm all for it, and whenever something becomes non-functional or obsolete, we give it over to him to either fix it (or at least try) or take it apart and try to understand how it works. Either way it's a good situation because he gets to have fun with it and in many instances we are able to continue using it.

Now all this work with gadgets requires certain specialized tools, which we have gathered over time, and a place to utilize them. We've also got this covered. N used to work in the basement which was fine because there is plenty of space and he could make a mess of things while he worked, and believe you me, he did a good job of making a mess of things. There were wires and electronic parts everywhere, and needless to say it was a bit out of control, even by my standards, which are extremely low. I don't think his uncle, the Amazing PR Man, would approve.

The basement is not the most pleasant environment, however, because it's dark, damp, and dank. The cat litter is down there, and it's cold. So, mom decided to relocate his workspace upstairs in his room. It actually works out beautifully because his room is big, perhaps too big for just one person. He used to share it with his sister before she hit puberty and needed her own space, which I totally dig. I had fully planned on moving him to the other spare bedroom and then made old room into a guest room with two beds. This plan lagged for a few years, and at some point I think he lost a bit of enthusiasm over changing over. Then mom came up with the brilliant idea of making his room into a bedroom/workroom. It also houses the electric drum set, which sort of adds to the coolness.

His new bench space is a work in progress but so far it's pretty cool. Since he does mainly electronic/drone stuff all he really needs are some wire cutting/splicing tools and a soldering iron. If he needs to do sanding or Dremel work he can go into the basement, but most of the work is done in his room. I think it's a pretty cool setup, and it gets him out of the moldy basement. Most importantly, he can sneak in some work time while we're all asleep if he needs to.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to betsy bensen for the pic.

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